261 / 2024

AeMine Minecraft Server

|AE| - ᴀɴʜ ᴇᴍ ᴍɪɴᴇᴄʀᴀꜰᴛ ɴᴇᴛᴡᴏʀᴋ | 1.8.x ▲ 1.21.x
|ᴍɪɴᴇ| - ɪᴘ ᴘᴇ: ᴘᴇ.ᴀᴇᴍɪɴᴇ.ᴠɴ

Server Address aemine.vn
Server Port 25565
Players 261 / 2024
Category Vanilla
Votes 0
Favorites 0
Hits this month 9
Country Vietnam VN
Website https://aemine.vn Favicon https://aemine.vn
Version AECord 1.7-1.20
Uptime 99%


ꜱᴠ.ᴀᴇᴍɪɴᴇ.ᴠɴ ɪᴘ ᴘᴄ
ᴘᴇ.ᴀᴇᴍɪɴᴇ.ᴠɴ ɪᴘ ᴘᴇ
ᴄᴀᴘɴʜᴀᴘ.ᴀᴇᴍɪɴᴇ.ᴠɴ ᴛʜÔɴɢ ᴛɪɴ ᴜᴘᴅᴀᴛᴇ
ʜᴏᴛʀᴏ.ᴀᴇᴍɪɴᴇ.ᴠɴ ʜỖ ᴛʀỢ ꜱᴇʀᴠᴇʀ
ꜱᴋɪɴ.ᴀᴇᴍɪɴᴇ.ᴠɴ ĐỔɪ ꜱᴋɪɴ
ʙᴀɴ.ᴀᴇᴍɪɴᴇ.ᴠɴ ᴅᴀɴʜ ꜱÁᴄʜ ᴠɪ ᴘʜẠᴍ
ᴛᴀɪᴋʜᴏᴀɴ.ᴀᴇᴍɪɴᴇ.ᴠɴ QᴜẢɴ ʟÝ ᴛÀɪ ᴋʜᴏẢɴ
ꜰɪɴᴅ.ᴀᴇᴍɪɴᴇ.ᴠɴ ᴛÌᴍ ɴɢƯỜɪ ᴄʜƠɪ

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The IP address of AeMine, one of the most popular Minecraft Server, is 'aemine.vn'.
The port used for AeMine is 25565.
From our most recent check, Hypixel is currently accommodating 261 players out of its total capacity of 2.024.
Yes. All the Minecraft Servers listed on Minecraft.Co.Com are Free to Play.
  • Copy the server IP from this page.
  • Open Minecraft and allow it to load completely.
  • Select "Multiplayer", followed by "Add Server".
  • Enter the server's IP address in the "IP Address" field.
  • Press "Done" to save your changes, which will redirect you to the server list tab.
  • Finally, select AeMine from the list and click on "Join Server" to begin playing.


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