Votifier Tester

Votifier Tester is a tool for checking the functionality of Votifier servers. It allows you to send test votes to Minecraft servers to verify that they are set up correctly to receive and process votes from players.
To use Votifier Tester, enter the server's IP address, port, Votifier version, and public key/token. Then, click the "Send Test Vote" button. The tool will send a test vote to the server and display the result.
Votifier Tester supports Classic Votifier, Votifier V1, and Votifier V2. You can select the appropriate version when sending a test vote.
Yes, Votifier Tester is completely free to use. You can test your Votifier setup without any cost or subscription.
If your test vote fails, double-check your server's Votifier configuration, including the IP address, port, and public key/token. Ensure that your server is running and Votifier is correctly installed.