Minecraft Server Status

Default Query Port is equal to the Connection Port, change if necessary

Minecraft Server Status refers to the real-time information about a Minecraft server, including its online status, player count, and other relevant details.
You can check Minecraft Server Status by using online server status checker tools or by using the Minecraft client to see the server's online status in the multiplayer server list.
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You can find the IP address of a Minecraft server by checking the server's website or using server list websites that provide server details, including the IP address.
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"Offline" status for a Minecraft server means that the server is currently not running or not accessible. Players won't be able to connect to the server when it is offline.
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To join a Minecraft server, open the Minecraft client, click on "Multiplayer", then select "Add Server". Enter the server's IP address and port, if required, and click "Done". The server will appear in your multiplayer server list. Select the server and click "Join Server" to start playing.
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