MOTD Creator

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Minecraft might render the MOTD slightly different. Test before you use it.

Does not support RGB/HEX colors.

The MOTD, or Message of the Day, is a line of text that appears when players view the server details in the Minecraft server list. It is typically used to display server information or messages to the players.
You can customize the MOTD in your Minecraft server by using formatting codes. These codes allow you to change the color, style, and formatting of the text. This MOTD Creator provides a convenient way to generate MOTD codes.
Minecraft uses special formatting codes, represented by the '&' symbol, to apply various formatting options. For example, '&4' changes the color to dark red, '&l' makes the text bold, and '&n' adds an underline.
No, the MOTD in Minecraft does not support RGB or HEX colors. You can only use the predefined color codes provided by the game. This MOTD Creator generates codes compatible with Minecraft.
After generating the MOTD using this tool, you can copy the desired MOTD code and paste it into your server configuration file (e.g., or config.yml). Restart the server for the changes to take effect.